Saturday, March 1, 2014

Adoption Details

        It was a Thursday night about 4 weeks ago. We had just gotten home from our Empowered to Connect Class. I remember standing in the kitchen talking with Ryan about each of our relationships with God. I told him that I had distanced myself from God because I knew what we wanted from me…and I was right. I just knew that God wanted us to adopt again. He had been tugging on my heart for quite a while and I didn’t want to listen. I was too scared of the unknown, of the mountains that I would face on the journey. The adoption that He was calling me to was that of an older child. I thought that what God wanted was impossible and definitely not at all logical. Not long after that conversation, I decided to let God take control. I began praying BIG prayers for God to mold my heart to look like his. I also prayed that if he wanted it, he would have to shape Ryan’s heart too. Orphan care has always been our passion, especially the older ones. Being a part of the orphan ministry at church, we have heard so many heartbreaking stories, seen so many pairs of precious eyes staring into ours. There was nothing compared to what we were about to feel.  A little over a week ago, Ryan called me and asked if I had been on Facebook. He told me that he had sent me a link to something. I immediately logged on and saw that he had sent me a link to a child needing a home. I immediately thought “God is this you moving in Ryan’s heart too?” When it comes to adoption, usually I am the instigator. This was totally unlike Ryan. I clicked on the link and immediately saw this face staring into mine. I felt things that I have never ever felt before. Everything made sense. I saw this face and all of a sudden the impossible became possible. I just had this deep feeling that God was going before us. I knew that he was meant to be our son. I told Ryan to contact them but honestly I didn’t think he would, so I did. Little did I know that by the end of the day, he had contacted them 4 times. The more we discussed, the more I realized that Ryan had the same feelings about this one. We both just felt an extreme peace and hope that God would work miracles through this experience.

Here is that face….


This face belongs to a 15 year old boy from Ukraine named Slavik.

Here is his story….

        March 1st is his 16th birthday. In Ukraine, that means that he ages out of the orphanage that he has been living in most of his life. With little to no money, he will be completely on his own. The life of an aged out child is not very promising. An overwhelming number of these children end up trafficking, drug dealing, or committing suicide before the age of 18. He wants so desperately to have a family, to have someone that loves him and believes in him. All that have met him, including his host family that he stayed with last summer, describe him as very kind, quiet, and trustworthy. We want to be his forever family but we only have about 3 months to raise $35,000.

         I know it does not seem logical but God’s plans do not always make sense. He does not call us to the perfect and put together, he calls us to the broken and hard. He makes all things beautiful. We DO know what we are getting ourselves into. For the past two months we have been taking a class on parenting children from hard places. We completely understand the issues that we will have to work through. Also, for the past year we have been mentoring a 20 year old that has aged out of foster care. We do not have all of the answers, but we feel like God has been laying the foundation to prepare our hearts for this. We want to answer this call from Him and bring our son home.

So here is how you can help:


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Make Check payable to Sycamore View Church of Christ and on the “memo” line please write “Handprints Ministry”. On a post-it or sheet of paper please write "attn: Musick Adoption"

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