Friday, March 14, 2014

Up and Down, Round and Round

          Adoption is such an exhausting process, but so incredibly worth it. I believe that a person truly does not understand their capacity to love until they have adopted. We have been up to our eyeballs in paperwork. There are even a few new words that have added in to our daily conversations…dossier, apostling, and biometric fingerprinting made the top of the list this week. We have been on a crazy, crazy ride! I think all adoptions can be a roller coaster, but this situation has had so many twists and turns. There are many different things that make this a tough situation. First is, most obviously, the fact that he has already turned 16. He is currently still staying at the children’s home, but we are VERY limited on time. Let us also mention the fact that there is this whole civil war/Russia thing going on. We have been on our knees praying for a country miles and miles away. It is a country to which we have never really given a second thought…until now. It is a lot like walking on eggshells. We are scared of the outcome, but we cannot forget that we serve the ultimate power of the universe. It may not be the smartest idea, but we have banned the news at our house. There is just something about hearing everyone’s version and all of the “what-ifs” of what is going on, that make us start to doubt God’s plan and power. For now, we are getting updates from the agency. There have been so many ups and downs to this (hence the roller coaster). You know those movies where all seems to be lost and the superhero rushes in to save the day? Yeah, that is how it has been and God has been the superhero. I have said so many times that he is keeping us on our knees. If this were easy, God’s glory wouldn’t shine as bright. I imagine God as this coach saying “Ok Musicks, Let’s go big or go home. Just to show how big I am, I am going to add all of these crazy circumstances.” I my head, I also imagine him following that up with this amazing pep talk. Oh, speaking of crazy circumstances, there is another one….A BIG ONE. When adopting from Ukraine, unlike most countries, you cannot “lock-in” any certain child. You can have an idea of the child that you would like to adopt, but ultimately they would like you to go and spend time with all of the children before making a decision. Umm…so…yeah…this could be a problem. This means that another family can adopt him at any time, before we can get there. We are choosing not to see it as a problem but a blessing, well sort of. Selfishly we want to stake a claim on him as no one else’s but ours. In our hearts, we already feel like he is a part of our family and he is so, so loved and wanted. BUT…everyone involved wants the same outcome. We all want Slavik to be in a loving family. With that said, we are not competing for him. He deserves families lining up at the chance to call him son and so much more. His life has so much worth. This is not all about us! With all of that said, we are not giving up. There are probably people in Slavik’s past that have given up on him, but we will not. We will do whatever it takes, even if it means that he never becomes our son. We feel like we are taking every step to be obedient to God’s call right now. Things may not go as we plan. No adoption is really ever a sure thing until it is final. It is all just a step of faith. As hard as it is to say, there may be another child that is meant to be in our family. We do not doubt that adoption is our future and specifically a child with a story very similar. We cannot deny the fact that God moved our hearts specifically for Slavik. We believe it would discredit God if we did not wholeheartedly trust and have faith that God can work through all of these crazy circumstances. God has and is moving through this! He is writing this beautiful story, we can already see it, but for now all we can do is continue to pray for God’s will.

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